Other Beamsplitter Cube

Round Beamsplitter Prism


    This prism combines the functions of window and beamsplitter cube. It has no cemented gap in the visual field of instrument and presents excellent imaging.






The Lord Prism


    The Lord Prism is an important optical part of the Electronic Totle Station.
    1. High reflectance in IR region
    2. No color difference in visual field of view






Three-Bundle Beamsplitter Prism


    The prism has unrival performance which can separate an incident beam into 3 beams with parallelism< 5″.





Fourteen-Beam Beamsplitter Prism


    The combination separates an incident beam into 14 beams. Each beamsplitter plate is coated with beamsplitter coating of different ratio and all outgoing beams possess equal energy at same wavelength (530nm, 65nm, 780nm).